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    The Allergy Site Awards Program
    A brief explanation on the awards themselves and the reason they were introduced.

    Have you ever come across a health website and thought to yourself, wow, great site. I'm not talking about gorgeous graphics and spectacular flash intro's. It's content I'm on about. Content, and ease of use. It's so easy nowadays for webmasters to get carried away with all the wonderful tools out there. It's important to distinguish between a resource and a shopping experience.

    I spend a lot of time scouring the internet for resources and links to provide as a service to our visitors. Every now and then I will happen on a site that does just what the doctor ordered. It has a clear distinct theme throughout, the pages are easy to navigate, its resources are free, and most importantly, it has lots of information. Relevant topical and up to date information.

    These sites are far and few between, and quite often, happen to be private sites put up by doctors or concerned parents. I tend to shy away from larger sites as they are by their very nature, behemoth, offering a little of everything. It's the specialist sites that interest me, as their information is targeted and is more often than not, up to date.

    The AWARD PROGRAM was conceived as a way to say thank you to these webmasters who have spent time and effort purely for the sake of providing a service. A lot of the award sites are not pretty by any stretch of the imagination. Their main function is to provide information and they do so admirably.

    The awards are divided into three categories. For more information on guidelines and what we look for when awarding a CERTIFICATION EMBLEM, please view the Award Criteria page.

    LEVEL 1
    These sites are selected on the quality and or quantity of information only. A considerable amount of time should be spent on links, navigation, layout etc, for these sites to qualify for Level 2. However the quality of the information contained on the site is of such a nature that it cannot be overlooked.

    LEVEL 2
    This award is given to sites that display excellent, up to date and topical content. The difference between a Level 1 and 2 site will often come down to resources offered, spelling, broken links and other smaller details. Quite often a Level 2 site is eligible for re-evaluation and if improvements have been made to the site over a period of time, it will qualify for a Level 1 accolade. We routinely revisit the Award sites.

    LEVEL 3
    This is the highest accolade we accord a site. It addresses all the elements of a truly good site.  All links, images, referenced documents and PDF's are up to date. More often than not these sites will also display a common theme, with well implemented style sheets. Copyrights are acknowledged and Privacy and disclaimer notices are easily accessible. The award is rarely given to a site, and should be seen as the ultimate compliment we can pay the webmaster.

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    These are the awards that make up our Award Program. Our panel will decide which award bears the most relevance to the nominated site.


    LEVEL 1

    LEVEL 2

    LEVEL 3

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