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    A personal note
    My second eldest of four sons suffers from eczema, enough for it to make his life uncomfortable. He is eight and otherwise healthy with one exception. He also suffers from a peanut allergy. His brothers seemed to have escaped untouched, and often, of late, he asks; Why me dad?

    I cant give him an answer, and neither can his doctor. More and more children in the United Kingdom are suffering from Eczema, and we seem to be no closer to resolving or finding a cure for their condition. Steroid creams, wraps and a host of other medications are used to control a condition that seems to reflect in our children, the sad condition of our world.

    I asked him to write a few things in his own words. Some of the comments might sound despondent. Try to think back to when you were eight. Now imagine having to cope with itchy flaky, and often painful and unsightly skin, not to mention others joys such as Impetigo, which seems to love the sensitive skin of eczema sufferers.

    He cant swim, the chlorine affects him, he cant exercise excessively, the sweat triggers the eczema and he has to avoid animals, certain foodstuffs and certain drinks. Quite a miserable existence, if your eight. If your here because your child is an eczema sufferer then I am sure this sounds all to familiar. If your child would like to chat and seek support from other sufferers their own ages, why not register them for child chat.
    If you would like support, advice or just to chat to others parents, why not try our

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    Damian says


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    Wish List
    I wish I didn't have eczema. I wish that I could put cream on once and it would go away forever.


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    Stuff that sucks

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    Will I get better?
    My eczema will never go away. It gets better, then it comes back again.

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    Why me?
    My  brothers  don't  have  it, it's not fair. They can go swim, even when I swim in the sea it burns. We went on holiday to the sea and my skin burnt if it got wet.

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    Creams. yech.

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    Say hello
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