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    Clicking on the titles below will take you directly to the relevant book on  amazon.co.uk. Read the book's review with the option to purchase immediately. Safe, secure shopping. A star indicates a book the we highly recommend.

      Books on Anaphylaxis
    The Allergy Bible
      In one form or another, allergies and intolerances affect approximately one third of the population, with as many as half of all sufferers being children. This is an illustrated guide which aims to demystify the whole subject. The book features: an impartial review of commonly used tests and treatments, including alternative therapies; advice on reducing your exposure to allergens; practical research-based information; allergy-prevention programmes to minimize the risk of children developing allergies and asthma; and genuine case studies how real people cope with their allergies. Information and advice on Anaphylaxis.
      The Peanut Allergy Answer Book
      Possibly fatal, peanut allergy is difficult to manage - peanuts seem to be everywhere. This home reference provides the information people need to handle the social and medical implications of peanut allergy.

    Food Allergies : Enjoying Life with a Severe Food Allergy


    With a number of well-publicised deaths caused by food-induced anaphylaxis in recent years, there is widespread recognition that preventative measures and prompt action are essential to living with this condition. This practical guide enables suffers to take a more pro-active role in its prevention. Information on special diets, restrictive diets and eating away from home, medical terms explained in layman's language an a comprehensive list of organisations to contact for further help and support are also included.
    About the Author
    Tanya Wright is a State Registered Dietician and works at Stoke Mandeville Hospital as Head of Nutrition and Dietetic Services. She became interested in allergy because she has a severe allergy to milk and eggs and their derivatives. In 1994 she started up an allergy support group, which she runs in her own time from the hospital. The number of queries and letters she receives continues to increase. She is also a consultant for companies making foods for special diets, is a website dietician specialising in food allergy and has been involved with several recipe and information books for people with special diets. Tanya is a Regional Co-ordinator for the Anaphylaxis Campaign and for the British Allergy Foundation, and is on the Medical Board of the British Allergy Foundation. She often gives lectures and talks as well as writing in several well-known publications on the subject of food-induced anaphylaxis

    Novartis Foundation Symposium: Anaphylaxis
      For the more medically minded. Not yet published, but you can pre-order. This publication promises a good read. Although anaphylaxis was discovered at the beginning of the 20th century, four years before the term "allergy", was born, and the immunological mechanism representing an IgE-mediated reaction seems to be well established, there are still many unsolved problems.  Publish Date 15 Feb 2004
      With the incidence of anaphylaxis is increasing this book, the only one on the subject, is an essential guide. Anaphylaxis is a life-threatening emergency any healthcare practitioner could encounter this book is a small, yet comprehensive, practical guide to the management of it. The author aims to equip all healthcare workers with the essential information they need to be able to respond quickly and appropriately in the event of an anaphylactic reaction, which can be life-threatening if not diagnosed and treated effectively.
    Life Threatening Allergic reactions
      Understanding and Coping with Anaphylaxis  
    Life-threatening allergic reactions are becoming increasingly common. The condition is called anaphylaxis and the main causes known to trigger attacks are peanuts, shellfish, wasp and bee stings, latex and drugs such as penicillin. Anyone can be at risk and especially those with a history of allergies, for example asthma, hayfever or eczema. This text is aimed at anyone whose life is affected by allergy: long term sufferers; the newly diagnosed; those with a known allergic tendency; parents and families of sufferers; teachers; first-aiders; and health-care professionals. Easy to understand, and containing important information, the book explains: how to identify the condition; how to recognize the early signs of an attack - and take immediate action; what to do in an emergency; how to limit exposure to the main trigger of your allergy; how to cope with the psychological impact of the condition and the trauma it causes; and what schools and employers need to know.
      Allergies Sourcebook
      Basic Consumer Health Information About Allergic Disorders, Triggers, Reactions, and Related Symptoms, Including Anaphylaxis (Health Reference Series)