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    Customer Service +44(0)1273 685800
    A complete alternative to harsh commercial paint.
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    About BIOFA Paints

      Biofa natural paints not only perform as well, if not better, than your standard pot of chemical soup, they cost no more than other premium paints and won’t damage your health. Biofa natural paints can help people with allergies and the paints smell of bergamot and citrus oil - much nicer than conventional paints!

    Your home will also appreciate natural products which allow buildings to "breathe", being micro-porous. By allowing a surface to breathe properly, this discourages the build-up of condensation and resulting mould and allows the walls to naturally expand and contract as the temperature rises and falls within the house.

    Customer Service

    We will try to assist with all calls and queries. You can reach us on the following number +44(0)1273 685 800

      To be arranged with your nearest distributor. We have a comprehensive list of UK based distributors. Simply click on your area of the map to view.
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      We don't currently offer online purchasing, however our distributors offer various methods of purchase. Please refer to the list and contact them directly.

    The Products we offer




    • Planning on brightening up your house, giving the kids' rooms a new lease of life and generally improving your whole environment without harming your health? Then find out which Biofa emulsions you need....



    • Give your doors, skirting and other woodwork a lick of paint or a slick of varnish that will last for years, that is safe for kids and won't give you a headache...



    • Biofa products have excellent properties for use on the outside of your house and you will look forward to a tough, durable finish which will last for years.





    • For a superb natural, hard wearing treatment for your sanded floorboards, parquet and any other wood floor. Again, using natural products that are better for you and better for the environment.





    • For a professional finish on all your household wooden items, Biofa can offer you the finish you are looking for....





    • Products that work in harmony with the wood to protect, strengthen and actively repel invasion from pests. Individual products can be used internally and externally.