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    TAS recommend this company as a preferred supplier. We used Evan's products and were very impressed with the quality. Italian goodness.


    AIAB Certification

    Customer Service +39 0744/980297
    Well designed, informative pages. Great product.
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    About Evan

      Evan Bartholomew and his wife Luisa live in Umbria in a stone homestead. He was born in Australia and was a student of Dottor R.P. Kaushik during his whole career. For nearly twenty years, throughout different countries, he has tried to get people to know one another better, holding seminars based on daily observation of oneself. He has now been producing honey, propolis and wax by himself for fifteen years. His wife Luisa is currently in charge of a line of cosmetics made with ingredients coming from the beehives . It is Italy’s first bio-ecological cosmetics line certified by the Aiab trademark.

    Customer Service

    Call the Bartholomew's (+39 0744/980297) to discuss ordering these wonderful skin care products

      Orders are usually processed within 2-3 days, sent by first class post.  We will send worldwide. Cost is dependant on the size of the order and the buyers location.
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    A few of the Organic Products we offer


    EVAN Anti-Wrinkle Night Cream


    • Contains Liposome Vitamin A. A nourishing Night Cream to feed and nourish your skin during the night. Ideal for use as an anti-ageing cream  For ideal results, use in conjunction with Evan's moisturising Day Cream and the Restructuring Serum
      Intensive treatment with
      sweet almond oil, wheat germ oil aloe vera, honey, sesame oil, royal jelly and pure bees wax

    EVAN Nourishing Regenerative Cream


    • Contains Retinol Vitamin A. Nourish and protect dry skin with this regenerative cream.
      Intensive treatment
      with shea butter, retinol vit.A, sweet almond oil, honey, wheat germ oil, jojoba oil, gotu kola, royal jelly

    EVAN Eye Serum Shock Treatment for fine lines


    • Give your wrinkles a well deserved  shock. This organic serum can also be used effectively on fine lines around the mouth.  For ideal results, use in conjunction with Evan's nourishing Anti Wrinkle Night Cream and the Moisturising Day Cream
      Intensive treatment with  jojoba oil,
      sesame oil, wheat germ oil, gotu kola, honey and royal jelly



    EVAN Cleansing Gel and make up remover


    • Remove your make up without damaging your skin. This mild gel acts as both a facial cleanser and make up remover. Gentle enough to use regularly.
      Intensive treatment
      with aloe vera,  honey , royal jelly and wheat germ oil.


    EVAN Range of Shampoos

    • This shampoo is ideal for hair that is dry and damaged or limp and lifeless. If you colour or perm your hair frequently, protect and feed it with Evan Nourishing shampoo.
      Intensive treatment
      with 10% honey, aloe vera,  soy lecithin, lime, allantois, essential oil of lemon flowers

    • Three different ranges to choose from.