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      The HealthGuard™ product range is growing rapidly. From the core anti-microbial application, our scientists have developed extremely effective variants for a wide range of environments.

    Our anti-bacterial hygiene products are produced to the highest clinical standards. Our textile treatments protect both natural and man-made fibres against infestation and microbial degradation, keeping them cleaner, healthier and fresher for longer.

    The HealthGuard™ product concept is very simple. Micro organisms that contaminate our living space feed on fungi, yeasts and bacteria. Healthguard™ works by first destroying the organisms and second by destroying all their local bacterial and fungal food sources.

    Treatment with HealthGuard™ will prevent re-infestation from occurring.

    Customer Service

    We will try to assist with all calls and queries. You can reach us on the following number +44 (0)8701993818 or via email.

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    Total Hygiene DM•1 will dramatically reduce* bacteria, mould, fungi, and dust mite colonies: causes and triggers of these illnesses and conditions that affect a quarter of all of us.

    *Independent scientific tests on treated articles have shown that DM•1 can reduce dust mite numbers by 99% and completely remove microbial growth when correctly applied.

    How does Total Hygiene DM•1 work?

    • DM•1 dramatically reduces dust mites colonies, mould, bacteria, and fungi in the treated mattresses, carpets, curtains or soft furnishings.

    • DM•1 creates a durable barrier that prevents re-infestation for up to six months by preventing microbial growth and denying the dust mites food source. After six months you simply reapply for continuing protection. The article can be washed where appropriate and will remain uninfected.

    • .
    • DM•1 is clinically proven to be at least 99% effective, is neither an irritant, nor sensitising when used as directed. DM•1 is environmentally friendly, user friendly, biodegradable and effective. DM•1 contains no organo-chlorines or heavy metals such as TBTO.